Product Development

Raison D’être product development, led by Chief Baking Officer Arnold Wong, is second to none.  We innovate daily, creating unique and popular products that make customers want to return again and again.

We can create exclusive recipes using our concepts, or work with yours to create unique and great tasting products.

We manufacture and develop in a variety of product formats:


• Fresh - we deliver daily across the greater Bay Area
• Frozen - ready to bake
• Frozen - thaw to serve

Private Label Baked Goods

Raison D’être currently prepares bulk baked cookies, bites, bars and even bulk frozen cookie dough under our private label program.  The availability of our frozen cookie dough allows our customers to bake at their schedule and yield the fresh-baked flavor they are looking for … right out of their own oven.  We work closely with our customers to ensure the product is made and packed to their exact specifications.


Quality, Safety, and Customer Service

Raison d’être, maintains high standards of quality, safety, and customer service.  Our bakery products are among the best to be found anywhere.

Cognizant of today’s dietary concerns, we produce a variety of healthier choices that include low-fat, reduced-fat, non-fat, and vegan products for our customers. 

We provide quality handcrafted baked goods at a competitive price. As we maintain ongoing safety and sanitation training programs for all our employees, our products are prepared, packaged, and shipped under clean and safe conditions by our trained and skilled personnel. 

We take the time get to know our customers and we are dedicated to working with and meeting the specific needs of our superb clientele through superior customer service.

Raison D’être is known and respected for our product quality, innovation and use of the highest quality, locally sourced ingredients.  But most of all we are known for our great tasting products and loyal customers!

Silliker certified for your safety