Raison d’être is a gourmet bakery founded by a family with two generations of experience in the restaurant and gourmet market business. Managed and nurtured by a winning trio, Raison d’être has been in business for over eighteen years.

Arnold Eric Wong, our Chief Baking Officer, is a recognized and distinguished top chef in the Bay Area.  As a pastry chef, he is the innovative creator of each and every baked good that Raison d’être produces.  Mary Wong who has a strong background in the hotel and hospitality sector, oversees Raison d’être’s sales and customer service operations.  Richard Wong manages operations and logistics as well as making sales call.  This winning trio coupled with good, loyal employees help propel the continued success of Raison d’être to spring from its ability to maintain the quality of its handcrafted baked goods, using only the finest all-natural ingredients, no matter the quantity it produces.

A Raison d’être “Skones™” or muffin is of gourmet quality and wonderfully delicious, whether it is purchased in a corner coffee shop or from the baked goods department of a major grocery market.

History and Growth of the company

Raison d’être Bakery has been serving the greater San Francisco Bay Area with fresh artisan baked goods since 1994.  We are proud of our commitment to using only the finest all-natural ingredients and getting our baked goods fresh to our customers.

Raison d’être started with brothers Arnold and Richard Wong, both native San Franciscans, making scones in a little kitchen above Ashbury Market, their family’s gourmet grocery store in the Upper Haight and Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco.  Their first efforts resulted in “Skones™,” an instant success whose baked goods they distributed through the family market.

“Skones™” soon outgrew the kitchen above the store, and the brothers looked to expand.  In 1995, they acquired space to house the bakery along with their new venture, EOS Restaurant and Wine Bar.  Both EOS and “Skones™” gained instant reputations for quality and verve. Arnold was named one of five top chefs of the year by the San Francisco Chronicle.  Arnold, a graduate of the California Culinary Academy, was already a well known San Francisco chef, having worked at top restaurants like Masa’s, Café Kati, and Silk’s at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, where he was the pastry chef.  Richard’s business experience with the family market and in the airline industry allowed him to take charge of the bakery’s operations and technology.  And Mary, Richard’s wife, an integral collaborator, also assisted with managing the business.

“Skones™,” the bakery, achieved equal success and soon outgrew both its space in the basement of EOS – and its name.  Armed with a new plan, the bakery changed its name to Raison d’être and moved into a larger building to meet the demands of its expanding product line and clientele.  Since 1994, Raison d’être  has expanded three times and is currently housed in a 22,500 square foot baking facility in South San Francisco.

And growth continues.  To help manage growth Raison D'etre recently hired its first CEO, David Brogan.  David has a wealth of executive experience providing services to companies such as Procter & Gamble, General Mills and other Fortune 500 firms.  David's job is to ensure that Raison D'etre keeps on doing what it has always done - make great pastries without compromise.