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Kind Words

"This is the best parmesan crisp on the market by far!"

"Raison D'etre takes pride in offering quality baked products and their desire to satisfy their customers is confirmed with every delicious bite!"

"Amazingly addictive."

"Taking the parmesan crisps game to a whole new level. Once you start it's hard to stop."



"If you love Parmesan cheese as much as I do, you'll love these delicious parmesan crisps. My only problem is that once I open them up, I just keep eating them until there are none left!"

"I mean. what's to say here. Bought them, opened the package and they magically disappeared within a few minutes! Miraculous disappearance, dramatic mystery, or maybe they are just plain delicious and all in my belly?"

"I had to force myself to walk away from them and am considering hiding them from the rest of my family so I don't have to share! "

"These are a fav! Seriously delicious."

"I have tried (and liked) many different brands of cheese crisps and even made my own on many occasions, these are my favorite as they have lots of flavor and crispness."


"Can’t get enough."

"OMG. These are the best things ever. Get them away from me!"

"This is something I could eat every day. The taste was a savory blend of umami Parmesan cheese, garlic and onion-simply delicious. And the texture was crispy,  crunchy yummy bite after bite."

"I love cheese and am always looking for great additions to my charcuterie boards and wine-and-cheese night platters. Joyfull Bakery's parmesan crisps are so classy and tasty, and great for my gluten free friends!"

"... I was blown away by the flavor, the balance, and the texture of these crisps."

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